The Colour Manuel is a one man operation, me. So i will talk a bit about, me. I have 
displayed a keen sense for the creative, very early on and feel my ability to be more 
of an instinct than a programmed skill. My media work and experience sits on the 
fringe of the traditional industry and far away from the fluff and glamour of 
pointless ad awards and all the other mindless accolades passed down by the old 
My focus is the frontier not acknowledged by many - a point of view not often taken 
into consideration. As the world races to the west for recognition and affirmation, 
i retreat inward to the community that has shaped and nurtured me. This facet strongly 
reflects in my work and makes me a burst of fresh air from a very different place.
To find out more about me or the work I do, is best done as a chat over a cup of tea, 
anywhere in Cape Town, preferably on the Flats...
Thank you,